Bring in those old shoeboxes of photos or video tapes and we can convert them to digital files for you. All the work is done locally and that means your treasured stuff never leaves the premises.


1200 dpi resolution; 24-bit external color depth.

Sizes up to 8 x 10.

Each photo is saved as 3 digital copies: uncorrected scan, color corrected & auto-enhanced scan, and backside if writing is present.

Saved in JPEG file format.


VHS and VHS-C tapes.

Up to 6 hours per tape.

Saved in MPEG (MP4) file format.

Slides and Negatives

35mm, 126, 110, and Super8, and 8mm formats.

22 megapixel resolution.

Saved in JPEG file format.

Before you bring your items in for digitizing…

Remove tape and staples from photos, remove dust from slides and negatives to ensure the best quality scans.

Organize items before bringing in for conversions, we will try to keep them in order, if possible.

We will do our best to take care of your items, however older media can be fragile. We won’t be responsible for damage.

Our pricing list

We offer competitive prices and quick turnaround. All data is downloaded onto a flash drive for approximately $5, or you may provide your own at no extra cost.

$ 0 .50

/ photo

$ 25

/ video tape

$ 0 .50

/ slide